About Us

Unipac Aluminium was established in 1996.  We explore quality services that help contractors/household owner to improve their concern on window safety environment, address their problems and challenges, and realize their needs.

We offer a wide range of Aluminium products and services to our consumers.  These comprehensive portfolios help us meet the right products, services and solutions to our customer’s specific needs.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to be one of the market leaders in introducing innovative solutions for the Aluminium Industry. Deliver advance solutions for every feedback that requires attention to achieve consumer’s satisfaction.

Our Mission

Understand:  To understand and fulfill customer’s need

Network:  To strike for strong and reliable network in these industries.

Innovative:  To provide innovative solutions and to be trusted and reliable partner to our customers.

Professionalism:  To provide professional advice, care and support to our customers.

Accessibility:  Devote to customer’s orders, feedback information that are accessible to everyone.

Contributions:  Unipac strikes to be an economic, focus and social asset to each consumer in which we do business.